Regular training and familiarisation to prepare our teams for the site risks they may face are a normal part of all Corporate Protection’s Emergency Services Officers, Medical staff, and Security Guards routines.

Occasionally our teams are lucky enough to be part of the training and familiarisation of other emergency responders who are also working to keep our sites and the community safe.

Recently across three of our clients’ sites, our firefighting crews played a part in the recertification of the Life Flight Helicopter Rescue team who came to the sites to requalify on the landing sites and keep our teams up to date on their Helicopter and our role when they come to site.

After the obligatory group chat about the aircraft and the role, all our teams received some hands-on familiarisation on the helicopter’s shutdown and emergency procedures in the event the aircraft had to make an emergency landing.

A big shoutout should go out to the wonderful Life Flight teams that go out day or night to help people most in need, our clients for playing a part in sponsoring them and keeping them aware of their local facilities and for the CPAFR emergency teams for continuing to keep current to provide the best emergency response service to our clients.

Kevin Waterman
National Manager, CPAFR