In today’s world, the role of IT is not just about innovation and efficiency; it’s increasingly about steering organisations towards a sustainable future. With IT responsible for approximately 2.8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, it’s crucial for companies to integrate sustainability into their technology strategies.

At Corporate Protection, under the visionary leadership of our Chief Information Officer, Keith Herlihy, we’re not just talking about sustainability – we’re living it. Our commitment to an eco-friendly approach is evident in our comprehensive range of IT sustainability strategies. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

  • Energy Efficiency: We’re constantly monitoring and improving energy use in our offices, particularly focusing on computer and networking equipment. By optimising energy consumption, we’re reducing our carbon footprint and setting a benchmark in the industry.
  • IT Recycling and Reuse: Our IT recycling initiatives play a pivotal role in minimising waste. We collaborate with organisations that extract valuable materials from outdated IT equipment. But we don’t stop there; we also repurpose usable equipment by wiping, reloading, and donating it to schools, charities, and Indigenous groups, ensuring that our technology serves a broader purpose.
  • Sustainable Consumables: In partnership with Fuji Xerox, we ensure that all ink and toner cartridges, as well as printing equipment, are collected and processed in an environmentally responsible manner. Additionally, we have instituted a battery recycling program.
  • Collaboration with Eco-Conscious Vendors: We engage with vendors and suppliers who share our vision of sustainability. By working with companies like Cisco Meraki and Microsoft, we’re contributing to a larger network of organisations committed to achieving net-zero goals.
  • Cloud Transition and Low-Impact Equipment: Our shift to 100% cloud-based operations signifies a major leap in reducing our environmental impact. This transition eliminates the need for power-intensive server equipment. Moreover, our focus on low form factor networking equipment reduces power consumption and material usage.

At Corporate Protection, we’re not just adapting to a changing world; we’re leading the way in sustainable IT practices. Our initiatives are a testament to our dedication to a greener, more sustainable future.