We have for many years sent qualified Medic trainers to East Timor to deliver a range of medical response training programs to local East Timor – in fact, 2019 was our fourth visit to date.

In addition to the very positive contribution these programs make to building and enhancing sustainability in East Timor, we assist our clients in delivering on their Local Content objectives.

This year our Paramedic trainer, Sean Balkin, provided instruction in the provision of first aid and the operation of an Automated External Defibrillator to 11 staff in our client’s Dili office.

All candidates received a “Certificate of Participation – for undertaking Automated External Defibrillator and First Aid Awareness Training”, and a copy of the electronic (eBook) First Aid Manual was made available to them.

Sean’s comment:

I had some pre-trip concerns with effective communication, planning and logistics challenged by distance and individuals’ normal work activities.

As it turned out there was nothing to worry about as things couldn’t have been better coordinated.

It was a privilege to represent CPA Group and continue this initiative to provide training and support for staff and contractors in Dili. The

course was made available to participants from varying backgrounds and across broad fields of employment. It truly felt inclusive.

The training package was overwhelmingly well received. The candidates’ eagerness to participate and learn ensured the learning was interactive and enjoyable.

I was grateful for the opportunity to travel to Dili and support this training and look forward to providing support and training whenever it may be requested in the future.