CPA has been involved in maritime operations at key Australian ports since 1997. Several of our key staff were and still are involved in the development, writing, and auditing of Maritime Security Plans since the inception of MTOFSA (2003).

Today we are now one of Australia’s foremost maritime companies, with clients among Australia’s leading Ports, Port Service Providers, Offshore Facilities, Container, General and Bulk Cargo Operators and various shipping companies.

Currently, we are the largest supplier of Maritime Security Guards (MSGs) in Queensland and have a 70% Australian wide market share of all Maritime Industry Participants (MIPs) that require written maritime security plans, PFSO and MSG training, Audits and all MTOFSA compliant services.

CPA has been the leading provider of ISPS compliant MSG and PFSO training nationally since the inception of MTOFSA.

Through our wholly-owned, in-house subsidiary RTO, Baseline Training, we have trained more than 1,000 Maritime Security Guards Australia wide and over 500 PFSOs for Australia’s largest security regulated maritime facilities.

Our very exciting launch of our latest MSG training initiative will ensure our pre-eminence for many years to come.

Our on-line training module, managed by Baseline Training, allows us to ensure our MSGs receive the most current update in an ever-changing security risk environment.

The quality of this module truly sets us apart.