No one in Australia has been unaffected by the Coronavirus pandemic and the measures that have been put in place in response.

CPA Group, in partnership with existing and new clients, has been implementing strategies to allow operations in the resource and other industries to continue in the face of enormous health and logistic challenges.

We have recently documented the work CPA Group is doing in assisting clients with the provision of trained screening personnel, screening equipment, Pandemic Planning and Business Continuity, site procedures and posters, videos and assistance in many ways.

These strategies have contributed to the ability of our mining and oil & gas clients to continue operating. Screening Services are being delivered at operational sites, airports and indeed at corporate head offices. By the end of this week we will have screened fifty thousand persons across the country.

CPA Group has facilitated the ongoing seamless operation of a diverse range of activities and operations throughout the country. There has been a lot of media discussion and questions on how Qld Racing could continue to operate during the pandemic. The answer has not been as public however in the background we have been quietly providing health screening services throughout QLD to the thoroughbred, harness and greyhound races in order to facilitate this last sporting event to continue to operate. Whilst there are no spectators, all Trainers, Stewards, Strappers and jockeys are screened every time they enter a racetrack.

Equally interesting whilst not named directly our service was referred to in state parliament by Robbie Katter who applauded the initiative of the Seafood industry in mitigating the risk of COVID-19 spread in Far North and Remote Qld by engaging CPA Group to screen all crew members prior to boarding vessels for the season start and subsequent departure to sea of the QLD fishing fleet.

It will surprise no one when we proudly claim – despite the difficulty in moving around Australia currently, CPA Group has not missed a shift!

Among some of the innovative solutions that have contributed to this perfect record during such challenging times has been to offer the option for staff to Drive-in-drive-out in some instances in mobile camper vans where regional airline schedules do not permit business as usual.

Even more impressively, over Easter, CPA Group confronted a major movement of a large number of staff in to and out of the Bowen Basin for a mining client. Flights were down and a shift rotation had to happen.

Under the stewardship of Sam Sparke, (CPA Group Executive Director), Chris Maguire (National Operations Manager) and the team, CPA Group organised a private charter of a Cessna aircraft to take a team of 8 personnel to Emerald and bring out the demobilising team.

It was an expensive and tricky operation, but CPA Group has yet again defended our proud record of dependability.