No one would doubt that the pace of change in Information Technology has never been greater. Mention the topics of Cyber Security, Data Privacy, Innovation, Sustainability, DEI, AI and Agile

Software Engineering, and it will confirm that these areas are at the top of the agenda for every corporation’s Board of Directors, and Corporate Protection is no exception.

Just as our operations teams stay up to date through professional networking and conferences, we know the importance of technical and professional development for our IT teams.

Our Chief Information Officer, Keith, recently attended the Cisco Live IT Leadership Program. This event offered an invaluable platform to delve into the significant trends currently impacting the IT industry and gather essential knowledge and inspiration vital for laying the groundwork for our digital future.

Keith rubbed shoulders and engaged directly with Cisco’s top executives as well as IT industry leaders from Asia Pacific, Japan, China and across the globe. Many experts and peers he worked amongst, managing teams of hundreds and thousands of IT professionals. No matter the size of the IT team, every company needs to stay ahead of developments in this rapidly changing IT world.