At Corporate Protection, one of our most popular but effective initiatives is our regular Lunch ‘n’ Learn sessions where we bring an expert in to run sessions on various topics for our Head Office teams.

A recent example was scheduled based on National Mental Health Month in October and RUOK Day.

Regardless of the timing, we should always take the time to think about mental health, ours, and others.

Every day is the day to ask how someone is doing and start a meaningful conversation whenever they spot signs that someone, they care about might be struggling with something in their life.

At Corporate Protection, we are better placed than most as our Registered Training Organisation, Baseline Training, is a leading provider of Mental Health training.

We had a highly entertaining and enlightening presentation on mental health first aid run by Tony Holt one of the Baseline Training trainers.

Baseline Training is also proud to be offering Mental Health First Aid courses to support and engage with businesses and individuals. These courses provide the skills necessary to support others experiencing mental health issues – you can make a real difference to someone who is living with mental illness.

After the presentation from Tony, we adjourned for lunch and the conversations showed we were all much more aware about mental health and how to support our friends, family, and colleagues.