Unique in our market, Corporate Protection understands the importance of building a bridge between HO and sites and having a focus on our workforce as an engine for growth.

We are acutely aware that the company’s success depends on the team of professionals deployed at site, their skills, engagement, and service delivery. Their success is measured through the annual Staff Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction surveys.

Client retention is the key to our growth, we keep our clients. Growth comes from client referrals, either with a different service at a site, a new site for an existing client or a client moves to another company and must have Corporate Protection in their arsenal.

Our Supervisor and Team Leader group represent our company in their relationship with the client and our staff. The role is critical. We know that if we get this cohort right, there will be no stopping us.

Our site leadership has two objectives, quality service delivery and ensuring Corporate Protection is seen as the Employer of Choice in our industries.

Accordingly, we have invested in initiatives such as:

  • The Supervisor Handbook,
  • The Lead with Confidence program,
  • Staff Forums,
  • Career pathway programs,
  • The hugely popular Supervisor meetings, where 20 – 30 site Team Leaders and Staff Supervisors attend a forum (held twice a year) to meet with peers from their own and other divisions, meet with HO staff and participate in professional development and team building exercises.

From this rich heritage has emerged the Supervisor module, the latest training package launched through the CP Academy, Professional Development Program.

The module builds on the Supervisor manual but most importantly, it emphasises the key to success for those outstanding professionals who represent Corporate Protection. Our team are clear on what we are looking for, how they will be measured and how to develop from good to great.

The module is introduced by founder and Executive Chairman, Harley Sparke, whose passion, and energy has driven the development of this module and indeed the entire leadership team. Harley is inclusion in the module shows our team that our commitment to them comes from the top.

Get this right and we will be unstoppable.