One of the services provided by CPA Health and Medical is a 24/7 medevac coordination, developed and managed by our Medical Director, Dr Scott Wilkinson. Scott has managed hundreds of medical transfers, involving both charter and commercial flights.

A recent case involved three Injured Persons, transferred internationally. Two were transferred from the offshore facility to Timor Leste, one was transferred to Australia.

The operation was conducted successfully and we were delighted to receive great feedback.

Here is part of the report submitted by our Field Contract Coordinator, Tyler Matakamikamica.

This afternoon, (Client) and I had a debrief regarding yesterday’s medevac activation.

Considering the circumstances surrounding the initial activation (and 3 IPs to evac), I thought we did really well, about 90% – well, we didn’t. To quote the OIM and Offshore Supervisor we actually performed “exceptionally well and don’t change a thing”.

Offshore made specific reference to our updates being sent via email. They knew exactly what was happening and where the helo was and its ETA, but more importantly, they said it showed we knew where it was and what was happening at all times from activation to destination (and in this case, return for 2 Ips to Dili on compassionate grounds – although they didn’t come under our medevac activation procedure).

When I requested feedback for future activations I was advised to do exactly the same as they could not fault CPA.

Our medical team truly are life savers, it’s always fantastic to receive positive feedback and to know our work is appreciated.

Well done Scott, Tyler and the team!