It’s been a massive day with driving, there isn’t a lot to see besides dirt, the occasional tree, some cattle, and lots of birds.

Today was a familiarisation drive, we covered around 450kms (the lease is 10,000km2) so we didn’t even scratch the surface. I did get to see a couple of the drill sites from last year and the future planned ones for this year though.

I was introduced to a local landholder and had a look at a couple of RFDS approved landing sites in the area and on other properties.

We also had a look around the Boulia Primary Health Care Centre which is basically a health facility with a DON. They currently have a portable X-Ray machine which doesn’t work, and they are also part of the S100 program for locals. It’s only open Mon-Friday with an Advanced Care RN, they were more than happy to show us around though and were friendly. He even invited us back for the weekend but I think that’s just because he is in for a busy weekend with a camp draft in town.

The camp food is pretty good and at the moment there is only around 8 people on-site. We have some familiarisation planned for the team currently here around the Paramedic vehicle and where things are located just in-case something does happen, and the Paramedics need some assistance.

We also set up and tested the Satellite Phone, and Satellite Radio.

This new project is very unique comparatively to our current business. It’s very remote. Located 400km south of Mount Isa at the initial forward camp, the site then progresses a further 120km bush to reach the drill camp where we will be located in the coming weeks.

Nicole Morris
Advanced Care Paramedic