Here at Corporate Protection Australia, protection is our middle name. Usually that means multiple layers of protection around our clients and their staff, sites, property, machinery, buildings, infrastructure… you name it.

But – when presented with any sort of emergency – our team members will take their pledge of protection several steps further. And in the following cases, you’ll see how they’ve applied that to the environment and the precious fauna in the remote areas in which we operate.

A recent reptilian example had us beaming ear to ear. While on an early morning patrol last month, CPA Fire & Rescue team member, Mark, had to do a double-take. Blocking his path – and taking its own sweet time to do so – was a large and rather lost river turtle. Putting on his brakes and hazard lights, Mark jumped out of his vehicle, gingerly picked up the little fella and snapped this shot, before gently ushering the bemused chelidae on its way.

Moving to matters marsupial, one recent multiple rescue effort saw six young kangaroo joeys “ambulanced” from Curragh to a Townsville wildlife carer after their mother was run over near one of our sites. We are happy to report that all six survived and are now thriving before their eventual release back to the wild.

And here’s one lucky survivor – as you can see by its injuries. This lucky little lady was plucked from danger by Marc and Russ from our

Health and Medical team. Her mother had been horrifically killed – possibly by a road train – before our lads arrived on the scene. She too is now in safe hands and doing well.

And let’s not forget our posted story of Piper, the intrepid feline. She had survived a horrific fall from a vehicle at speed near the WICET site. Thanks to the vigilant and gallant efforts of our security team, we tracked her down – a full six weeks after she went missing – coaxed her into a cat-trap and returned her to her grateful owners in Gladstone. She was alive, well (considering her ordeal) and seemingly oblivious to all the fuss… but sadly, with only eight lives left.

Corporate Protection – our commitment to protecting, saving and preserving life extends to our wildlife (and domestic-pet-life) too.