Corporate Protection Australia (CPA) is at the forefront in assisting our clients in developing their response to the rapidly evolving Coronavirus response. We have delivered a range of programs including client information webinars, Pandemic Plans, Training Packages and staff such as medics and other screening personnel to support some of Australia’s top companies as they confront this rapidly evolving situation.

As knowledge and understanding of the coronavirus and how to respond to the challenges of the pandemic improves, so too does our ability to respond.

The latest weapon in the arsenal for employers protecting their workforce and maintaining operations is Rapid Antigen testing.

CPA’s latest capability enhancement has involved training of our site Medics to safely conduct COVID-19 rapid antigen testing (RAT) in compliance with TGA requirements.

The use of Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) is a recent development where our clients need our support. CPA utilises a TGA-approved rapid antigen test kit capable of identifying over 95% of infectious COVID positive cases using nasal swabs.

These swabs are less invasive than the usual PCR swab tests therefore your work force are more likely to comply with testing requests. When tested 2-3 times a week the accuracy is comparable to the standard PCR test accuracy in early detection of infectious cases, with results available within 15 to 30 minutes

A CPA-trained health professional can perform the test in appropriate PPE, with all infection standards strictly adhered to.

CPA also offers a phone app that will allow the worker to receive a message with their result immediately after the test result is read by a health professional.

Depending on the location, an authorised tester can process between 20-30  tests per hour.

(Note: the rapid tests do not replace or substitute PCR swab testing, it is however a practical measure for random testing in the workforce. Any person presenting with symptoms should attend a medical clinic for the full PCR test or if they test positive to the RAT test.)

Our Medical Director, Dr Wilkinson has conducted a market analysis and we have a preferred recommendation for rapid antigen tests based on considerations including:

  • Pre-filled extraction buffer is preferred as it involved one less step. Some other products have to measure and fill the buffer which allows room for error or spillage.
  • Read test results at 15-30 minutes which will allow a good workflow for large numbers being tested. Some products only have a 5 or 10 minute read time which can rush the process.
  • Excellent supply chain. No likelihood of stock shortages.

CPA Medics can also supervise the onsite training of supervisors capable of testing others, and be the nominated health practitioner available for any questions of the testing crew as part of our TGA compliance.

The process implemented by CPA for our clients is comprehensive and includes face to face training by the CPA Medic on site to client Supervisors on the use of the test, development of a procedure on use of the specific test chosen and process for notification of positive results to health authorities and management to align with TGA requirements, record keeping for the legislated retention period and ensuring compliance with TGA guidelines. This includes a procedure for positives (including false positives) that follows the legislative requirement to report to State Public Health Units

The entire process is conducted under the clinical governance of Dr Wilkinson with full clinical confidentiality.

COVID is here to stay, vaccinations have been a game changer and the compliant use of rapid Antigen Testing will further protect our workforces and operations.

CPA – protecting clients’ assets, people and reputation.