CPA Group has always been an employer of former Australian Service personnel, recognising the unique skills, leadership and training of those who have served Australia. Today we have many ex-Defence Force employees who have successfully transitioned into the private sector and are now contributing to the CPA Group service across our sites.

We recently announced a number of new initiatives to formalise our access to service personnel through a range of partnerships and pathways to maximise our opportunity to meet with potential candidates.

With around 5,000 Australians leaving the Australian defence force each year, and understanding the unique skills and attributes that ex-service personnel and family members can bring to us, it actually makes good business sense to pursue greater defence personnel participation and inclusion into the CPA Group family.

In our most recent 6-monthly survey, conducted in January 2020, we identified an amazing 50 employees from a defence background, up from 29 int the last survey!

We can thank our partner programs:

  • Soldier On Employment Program
  • Prime Ministers Veterans Employment Program
  • The Oasis Townsville

But mostly we thank our wonderful former service personnel, now CPA Group family members:

Allan Kelly, Brendan Schmidt, Brian Hurran, Cameron Wright, Callum Godfrey, Charles Stevenson, Dan Lincoln, Evan Kimmins, Gary Topping, Jaimi Abercrombie, James Code, James Swoboda, Jeffrey Mears, Jonathan Wright, Joshua O’Brien, Kevin Waterman, Jethro Campbell, Luke Blackwell, Michael Williams, Oren Burg, Paul Stevenson, Phil Scarr, Phil Tisdall, Sean Balkin, Tony Conaghty, Tony Dell, Bernie Gaynor, Dave Coughtrie, Aaron Kemp, Aaron Watson, Adam Atkinson, Brandon Cavernelis, Brett Rasmussen, Clinton George, Colin Spring, Dean Osborne, Dion Donnelly, Dean Osborne, Dion Donnelly, Ferlyn Hunter, Jenni Lowenstern, Lawrence Masso, Mark Male, Matt Gort, Max Walker, Morgan Backo, Nathan Daveson, Peter Straight, Phillip Alberts, Raymond Cuff, Terrance Campbell.