During this unique moment in time there has been so much happening around the globe, around Australia, around Queensland and within our organisation. As a company we have been responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic since early February and have seriously been engaged with additional consulting, training and manpower work since the start of March. With all of this high tempo adhoc activity under trying circumstances occurring I thought it worth sharing that in the background our scheduled operations must go on.

On this note I would like to acknowledge the workload by many of our team in recruiting, planning and preparing equipment for our most recent and high profile deployment. A well deserved and big Congratulations is in order to the Fire & Rescue and support teams for successfully mobilising the largest single private Emergency Services contract in Australia for Shell QGC. This deployment includes 24 full time fire and rescue professionals, purpose built fire & rescue vehicles and equipment located at three hubs in the Surat Basin. As you can see from the photos, we can be proud of the professionalism and quality of our staff and our equipment. The service commences 1st April and we are ready to go!!!!

By Harley Sparke