We spoke to Rachael Patten, Corporate Protection Australia Gladstone ADHOC Supervisor and APO at Acciona ALDOGA Solar Farm where we provide Security Services to understand our operations at this site.

Acciona Solar Farm is located in ALDOGA regional Central QLD located approximately 20km from Gladstone Central. The Solar Farm will expand to over 300 acre with multiple different areas of patrols.

It is currently at the ground turning stages at the moment with the last month 2 separate areas are opening up 5km each way from the Security Compound with this control area will expand a lot more in the near future.

How long have you been operating at Acciona Solar Farm?

Our team began inductions at Acciona Solar Farm on Monday 4th of March this year & commenced duties the following day

What is our role?

We provide site security, mobile patrols and perform BRAC testing for all personnel on site.

How many CPA staff work there?

We have a rotating team which consist of approximately 10 trained personnel.

What qualifications are required?

Security qualifications include: Cert II or above in Security Operations, Drug & Alcohol testing Certification and Advanced First Aid.

What are the challenges for our staff?

An ever changing site as it is getting built up from ground turning stages to fully operational in approximately 18th months. Procedures regularly are updated or modified to suit the client & staff.

What are the challenges for the manager on this service?

There is only rewarding challenges of watching the site progress ahead into full operations

What do you see as our major achievements in recent times?

Commencing of duties within this site and assisting with the progression. Our site also maintains a zero alcohol site.

How do you see the future?

We are enjoying the idea of watching this site constantly build and evolve into a fully operational Solar Farm for the Gladstone region.