We spoke to Connor from his home in Mackay, he kindly gave up some of his off duty time.

Connor was born and bred Mackay.

He says Mackay is renowned as only having 3 days of winter, it normally does not get this cold for so long!

What is your professional background?

I have done 2 years as an ADFC 2nd lieutenant, then I joined the Army Reserves and I am currently still attached to the same unit. I have 3 years baking experience. I have 2 years in Crowd Control experience and 2 years Maritime Security Experience.

Where are you working now?

I am currently a Maritime Security supervisor at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal.

What other Corporate Protection sites have you worked?

This is my first CPA site but I have heard about many others. I also work as Team Leader at Port of Mackay where we provide Maritime Security on an ad hoc basis for their shipping.

What are your primary responsibilities?

At DBCT, my primary responsibilities are site security, maintaining a strong relationship with the client and our staff. Ultimately my responsibility is ensuring compliance with site security measures and the Maritime Security Plan for the site.

The team at DBCT is currently 15 people including myself. It is a good team, I like them! They all have their hearts in their job and are committed to getting the overall outcome achieved.

What do you find most challenging or fulfilling in your role?

Being so young (I am 24) would be the most challenging part of the role. Knowing that everyone has been at the site longer than me. They don’t take advantage of me except maybe my kind heart!!

I love to see the end result and seeing hard work coming to fruition in the end. I still like the overall premise of the job which makes it all worthwhile.

And what do you do in your spare time?

If you need a cake, a pie, a sausage roll I have you covered. My family is based in Mackay, I try to spend time with my family. My dad and brother both work shifts and my mother also works.

I contribute to my ADFC responsibilities, activities, training, exercises. Normally it is a day and night on one weekend in two, 3 times a year it is a full weekend, twice a year it is a full week.

I like to play with technology, building phones, fixing laptops.


What would your manager say?

My managers are Mark Henderson (direct Manager), also Steve Gosling, and working with Zane Kemp and the team.

I’d like to think Mark would say good things, he was the one who trained me after all. I attended the Supervisor conference and people said I was doing a good job. The client has been saying they were happy, that means a lot to me as it makes it worthwhile.


Manager comment

Stephen Gosling

Connor has been doing a great job and I regularly receive positive feedback from our client. Connor has committed himself to improvements at the site since he was appointed as the Security Supervisor. Well Done!

Mark Henderson

I have always found Connor to be relaxed, confident and a very good leader.
While I was supervising at DBCT, Connor demonstrated his abilities very early on.
I have always been able to rely on Connor to run the site and support the client in the manner that exemplifies CPAFIT.