We met with Nic at our Brisbane Head Office. As usual, he had a full calendar and was rushing to a client meeting. With a major client mobilisation this week, we were lucky to grab a few minutes.

What is your professional background?

I come from a military background, I was with the infantry for 6 years. I was deployed to many places including Malaysia, Afghanistan, East Timor. From there I used what I had learnt in the military to begin work as a Rescue Crewman with the Search and Rescue Helicopters.

I also worked in the operating theatre of a hospital, as well as instructing medical and emergency response courses. More recently, I worked in disaster relief for Disaster Relief Australia as the National Operations Manager.

I had a short stint as the local controller at Redland City. From there I was approached to join Corporate Protection by a former colleague, Wayne O’Brien (CPAHM manager in Perth) and joined CPA in early 2023.

Where are you working now?
My current role is Senior Operations Coordinator – security. I am based in Brisbane but I have state wide responsibilities.

What other Corporate Protection sites have you worked?
This is my first role with the company.

What are your primary responsibilities?
Mainly governance and tactical implementations to achieve strategic objectives. I am interested in optimisation and systems integration within the security division. Hopefully, some of these initiatives can be rolled out companywide in future.

My job involves a lof of site visits, meeting with our staff and client meetings. I am currently involved in the implementation of two sites with our latest client commencing on Saturday.

In my role, I cover the complete security operational spectrum.

What do you find most challenging or fulfilling in your role?
One of the biggest learning outcome I had to adjust to is coming back to a non-managerial role whereas previously I had a lot of independence in decision making.

It is very fulfilling to have the ability to diversify my portfolio and round out my skillsets.

Also very rewarding is the family feeling at Corporate Australia, family being one of our core values.
I appreciate the willingness of other staff to assist me, the teamwork is great here, a core value as well.

And what do you do in your spare time?

These days I love to get out of the city and go to the farm. I also enjoy cooking and playing guitar.
Camping is a great interest; I like to keep active and head off on spontaneous adventures/remote locations whenever I can.


What would your manager say?
(Nic’s Manager is Stephen Gosling, State Operations Manager Security QLD)
He would probably say I talk too fast and a little unusual! I do operate at a high tempo and definitely more tech savvy than him. Overall I have hit the ground running and haven’t fallen over yet.

Manager comment

Nic has been doing some great work around innovations and reporting structures within the security division. He has committed himself to further improvements at the sites since he was appointed as the Security Co Ordinator and recently had some great results in driving the recruitment of new team members. Well Done!