At Corporate Protection, we are very proud of our commitment to Indigenous Reconciliation. Led by our Ambassador Lorraine Hatton, OAM and our RAP working group.

We work hard to make our RAP Action Plan as meaningful as possible pursuing real outcomes. Our first (Innovate) RAP was launched in 2018 and we have regularly updated our progress against the plan.

We are very proud to celebrate 1 year anniversary of our second Stretch RAP launched in March 2021!
For those who are new to the concept of the Stretch RAP, we can assure you that it is well named and not to be entered into lightly or with less than 100% commitment. That is why only a very few private companies can boast a registered Stretch RAP. Corporate Protection is now proudly presented on the Reconciliation Australia website.

The achievement was recognised in a personalised letter from  Karen Mundine, Chief Executive Officer of Reconciliation Australia.

Needless to say we were overwhelmed to receive a personal note from Karen Mundine, Chief Executive Officer of Reconciliation Australia – couple of short quotes will provide the flavour.

As Australia’s largest private emergency response service, Corporate Protection provides services across a range of industries in sixteen regions. With such a large footprint across the country, working

 in many regional and remote areas, the organisation has a considerable sphere of influence from which to drive reconciliation.

This Stretch RAP is built on the learnings of Corporate Protection’s previous Innovate RAP. It is open and reflective about the challenges it has faced so far on its reconciliation journey, but has met these hurdles with creativity and resourcefulness. One such challenge was the remoteness and dispersal of some of its workforce, making staff engagement with its reconciliation commitments difficult. Its solution has been comprehensive, employing strong leadership, fiscal resourcing, and technology in order to bridge divides. Most heartening to see is Corporate Protection made its Innovate RAP uniquely its own. As a particularly family oriented organisation, it thought seriously about how to engage family members in its commitments. This tailoring of its RAP to its own workplace culture is crucial, and shows the organisation is on the right track on its reconciliation journey.

CP Stretch RAP launch

As you can well imagine, this major achievement caused great excitement at Corporate Protection and of course such an event needed a major celebration!! The CP HO was the ideal place and many of our friends were able to come to enjoy the evening with our staff.

We were very grateful to the Preston Campbell foundation and the Cohort 21 for the amazing service and delicious food.

We were honoured to have the support of the Indigenous Youth Mobility Pathways Project Brisbane students showcasing a dual performance. Thank you to Kyran Creed and the team for making it all happen. Not only we were able to witness Aboriginal dances, with participants from over 20 different nations, but also had the pleasure to enjoy Torres Strait Islander dances and songs.

All those involved have worked incredibly hard during the preparations and rehearsals striving to make the opening night performance the best it could possibly be. And what an incredible night it was! We all thank you very much, from us all at CP.

It was such a special moment when all performers came together for a combined dance, which is rare, and kindly invited all attendees to join in the circle. What a wonderful Night!