At Corporate Protection, we are acutely aware that the company’s success depends on the team of professionals deployed at site, their skills, engagement and service delivery.

With the vast majority of our workforce located away from our Head Office (often a continent away or more!), the focus is on the ability of our site leaders to develop and motivate our staff in remote and often hostile environments, working long shifts, day and night, away from home.

Unique in our market, Corporate Protection understands the importance of building a bridge between HO and sites, and having a focus on our workforce as an engine for growth.

A major example is our Lead with Confidence program, involving the identification and development of 20 of our very best and highest potential Team Leaders and Staff Supervisors.

Welcome to the CP Academy Class of 23!

We select a group of identified leaders who have demonstrated a real commitment to our corporate values and who we believe will benefit from further professional development in their current roles and their future career pathways.

The course has been specially curated by Laura Bowart, our Baseline Training Manager and consists of 12 monthly modules.

The topics are highly relevant:
> Communication within Teams> How to Lead and Motivate your team – and others
> Efficient Time Management
> Problem Solving – Take a More Creative Approach
> Change Management at Project Level
> Project Management
> Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
> Lead Productive Meetings
> Perform Under Pressure
> Conflict Resolution Foundations
> Diversity and Inclusion
> The Key Principles and Process of Collaboration

An important component of the program is the ability of the participants to interact with their peers and mutually support each other through the various topics. There builds a really positive camaraderie and sometimes healthy competitiveness – after all, these are some of our highest achievers!