A review of our publications over the past few years demonstrates the market leadership of Corporate Protection in supporting the renewable energy industry.

Whether wind, solar, hydro or green hydrogen, our teams of security, medical and fire & rescue professionals are in demand.

We were delighted recently to be informed of our appointment to support a major new solar energy project, commencing in 2024.

After the recent appointment of our team as provider to one of the largest onshore wind farms in the world, we have been selected to protect an 80MW solar photovoltaic (PV) facility.

Once again, word of mouth and existing client support for our proposals ensure that Corporate Protection is the first choice.

The fact that the operation is in the Gladstone precinct, a regional employment and corporate powerhouse for Corporate Protection made the selection an easy one.

The project is on Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) land as part of the Queensland Government’s ‘Advancing our cities and regions strategy’, which aims to renew and repurpose underutilised state land to generate jobs and drive economic growth. As a local employer of significance, we will be assisting the recruitment and employment of a significant local workforce peaking at 350 during construction.

The Queensland Government has a target of achieving 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030 and 70% by 2032 – Corporate Protection is playing our part in helping to achieve this important goal.