Over the last couple of months, the mettle of the Corporate Protection Health & Medical (CPAGH&M) team has really been held to the flame. On site, we’ve faced a near amputation and a heart attack. No spoilers here regarding the results – in fact, we’ll let our clients tell you the tale themselves.

Corporate Protection Health & Medical (CPAGH&M) operates on the promise of  protecting people, assets and reputations. This is put to the test every day. It’s not just the incidents, accidents and emergencies. It’s also the little things – that bit of extra effort or forward thinking to keep the site, the team, and the equipment running smoothly.

This commitment, team spirit, and personal accountability makes the big things – when life and limb are at stake – all the easier to manage.

These are the values we ingrain into our teams. Blessed with a combination of:

  • highly qualified staff,
  • ongoing refresher courses,
  • professional development training,
  • clinical protocols,
  • clinical governance, and
  • the steady guiding hand of our Medical Director, Dr Scott Wilkinson,

our teams can operate at maximum effectiveness.
A very recent case involved a site worker almost severing his finger in an work-related accident. Here’s what his treating surgeon had to say after the incident:

And just 3 days later, our teams faced another time-critical, life-saving situation – a heart attack on site.

“Our clients understand only too well the preparation and dedication that produces the quick thinking and prompt action behind these results,” beamed CPAGH&M Medical Director, Dr Scott Wilkinson proudly.