Not a single day passes without Corporate Protection staff responding to an incident at one or other of our sites. Whether security, Health and Medical or Fire and Rescue, we are in constant demand.

Few of these incidents are publicised and we are largely unsung, if not unappreciated.

It is uncommon though, for our team to confront 3 incidents, on the same day, ON THE SAME SITE!

(And note: on one of the incidents, our ESOs provided medical support for the sole site paramedic who was suffering from cardiac pain!)

Time of Call Date
11:25 14/7/2022



  • CPAFR Emergency Services crew and fire truck called to the scene in response to a Fire Alarm (infra-Red Camera) and is immediately en route.
  • Unit blown down and power Isolated. The unit was full of smoke, so all doors were closed and personnel moved out the area.
  • Our fire appliance was deployed and BA Team made entry into the unit with Thermal Imaging Camera & Extinguishers, hose line set up at door if required.
  • BA Team completed search of area with thermal imaging camera, no hot spots found but oil leak found on engine turbine and pooling on the floor below turbine. BA Team commenced natural ventilation of area by opening all doors in the unit.
  • Gas test conducted on unit by BA team, all levels at 0, O2 at 21.9.
  • Area declared safe by On Scene Controller after communications with our ERT.


Time of Call Date
20:54 14/07/2022


  • CPAFR Team Leader received call from watchkeeper and CP team responded to an Injured Person with cardiac problems
  • QAS and Life Flight responding.
  • QAS arrives onsite, CPAFR ERT standing by to assist.
  • Medical team decide to stabilise patient and transport with QAS to site clinic for further assessment and wait for Lifeflight Doctor.
  • CP ERT assisted with patient packaging and moving patient to QAS ambulance for transport to site clinic.
  • Lifeflight arrived
  • CP ERT assisted medical team to relocate patient from clinic to Lifeflight for transport to Toowoomba Base Hospital


Time of Call Date
21:36 14/07/2022


  • CPAFR Team Leader receives call from watchkeeper to respond to medical centre, with IP with cardiac problems.
  • CPAFR ERT arrives at medical centre.
  • Site paramedic suffering a cardiac issue. QAS responding. CPAFR provides emergency first aid, obtain basic vitals and stabilise patient
  • QAS arrive on site and CPAFR provides handover to QAS on patient’s condition. Team on standby to assist.
  • CPAFR assist with patient packaging and assist QAS to load patient into Ambulance
  • QAS depart site to relocate patient to a Brisbane Hospital via Dalby.