We previously reported on one of Corporate Protection’s innovative initiatives to overcome the challenges of a tight employment market and shortages of qualified staff.

This is particularly true as it applies especially to professional personnel in great demand by our clients. Our continued growth path has only increased the challenge!

Step forward Baseline Training, our in-house Registered Training Organisation.

Baseline has the ability to train up Emergency Services Officers, Asset Protection Officers and Maritime Security Guards. An experienced rural fireman with many years of service can be provided with the training to secure a qualification to allow deployment to one of our critical infrastructure sites.

We have scheduled delivery of a number of RII30719 Certificate III in Emergency Response and Rescue courses at our fully equipped Head Office facility in Brisbane. This qualification is designed to deliver the core skills and knowledge required of emergency response and rescue team members working in the resources and infrastructure industries, who perform tasks involving a broad range of skilled applications in a wide variety of contexts, which involves some discretion and judgment in selecting emergency response equipment, services, or assist identifying contingency measures.

A further example is represented by Baseline’s ability to qualify staff for Certificate II in Security Operations. As an employer of over 350 Asset Protection Officers, the scheduling of this course offers a number of advantages:

  • This is a highly sought-after qualification and the course is a genuine revenue generating product for Baseline
  • The ability to entice our staff and their contacts to pursue a career in the security industry increases the potential workforce to allow us to meet client demand.
  • As each cohort of students comes to train, our managers are ever present to approach the top of the class and offer to bring them into the CPA family.

Another reason that Corporate Protection continues to lead the industry.

For further information on this course visit www.baselinetraining.com/security-operations or contact a member of our Training Team via training@baselinetraining.com