It is hard to imagine that we are now introducing the 4th annual edition of the Corporate Protection Sustainability Report. When we started on this journey, we were aware that Corporate Protection was one of the earliest adopters of a formal sustainability program.

After 4 years, we are now seeing increased sustainability expectations from existing clients and in new tender opportunities.
Feedback from clients is that this is an area of strength in our positioning. Sustainability is good for business!

Corporate Protection Executive Chairman, Harley Sparke, in announcing the release of the annual Sustainability Report:

I am proud of our strong sustainability culture. It has already driven a range of impressive initiatives over the past few years. We recognise the importance of building upon the learnings from those previous activities to build an even more sustainable future.

We have not rested on our laurels. We have some interesting new initiatives to report this year.

For our clients, we have developed a new proposal building on our successful first site hybrid vehicle.

Every proposal and tender that includes patrol vehicles now offers a hybrid option to our clients.

We now have a track record to point to, demonstrating the savings in cost and emissions of hybrid vehicle technology.

In addition, we include our drone expertise as a potential additional saving. The use of drones can reduce reliance on vehicle patrols, resulting in a saving on fuel and carbon emissions. Drones also can get to places that are either difficult or dangerous to get to, sustainability and safety going hand in hand.

We have not forgotten our carbon footprint at Head Office. In 2023 we are installing 222 solar panels on to our building along with the associated hardware.

We look forward to enjoying the cost benefits of this initiative (5 year pay back) but also reporting on the impact this has on our HO emissions.

I am sure 2023 will see further advances and also other exciting initiatives. One of Corporate Protection’s core values is innovation and nowhere is this more critical than in sustainable initiatives where we are often ahead of the market.