Corporate Protection Australia Fire & Rescue maintains a comprehensive fleet of emergency service vehicles including fire tenders, urban pumpers, 4WD strikers and 4WD emergency response trailers. Our fleet is capable of being used in any environment at any site. Our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards and we maintain comprehensive service records to ensure our vehicles are available to respond at a moment’s notice.

Fire and Rescue Equipment

The selection of our fire and rescue equipment is fit for purpose to ensure we have the best ability to service any incident requiring our assistance. With both domestic and international experience, our expert staff have identified equipment equivalent to state based fire and rescue services. With a comprehensive servicing contract in place, our fire/rescue equipment is maintained in accordance with applicable Australian Standards and always available for use in response to emergency situation.

More Information About Our Rescue Vehicles and Fire/Rescue Equipment

For further information on our personnel, vehicles and fire/rescue equipment, please contact us.